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Emmanuelle Hair Design

The client had a website but didn't have someone to manage it. She had a network but needed an administrator. For the past 2 years we have been supporting the website and maintaining the network.

We are constantly updating the website, we also created a contact form and a Facebook fan page for them.

They were affected by an explosion and all their system felt apart, immediately we went and set-up their network again.

On another occasion one of their hard drives stopped working and we helped them to recover their files, get a new hard drive and reinstall their system.

Some of the services we have provided them:

  • Web changes/updates, PHP and HTML.
  • Contact form and Facebook page creation.
  • Set-Up and maintenance of wireless network.
  • Installs, upgrades, updates and anti-virus.
  • Telephone support and remote assistance.
  • Data recovery and hardware upgrades.

Client: Emma Brochu
Date: 12 June 2011 to Present

Client's Site

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