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Jaime Leon

The client is a Visual Artist and needs to have his computers tuned up all the time. Hes also needs technical support and technical advice.

For the past seven years we have been supporting him in different ways; teaching him how to efficiently use his mobile device, peripheral troubleshooting (web-cam, printer & audio) and software/hardware installs (windows, office, memory & power supply).

We have also helped him to pick the most cost efficient technology options to suit his needs (Laptop, Router & Speakers).

Some of the services we have provided him:

  • Shopping Advice & Technical Support.
  • Anti-virus, Windows & Microsoft Office.
  • Laptop, PC Repair & Troubleshooting.
  • WI-FI & Cable Networking.

Client: Jaime Leon
Date: 13 January 2006 to Present

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